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SSL Certificate Reviews

An SSL certificate provider (certificate authority) issues digital certificates to organizations or individuals after verifying their identity. Our collection of SSL Certificate Reviews can help you in choosing the right certificate authority. Each SSL certificate provider has different products, prices, and levels of customer satisfaction. In order to help you separate the wheat from the chaff, you can read authentic SSL reviews for each of the major certificate providers and decide who to trust with your SSL certificate needs.

The SSL certificate reviews cover customer support, ease of managing SSL certificates, as well as certificate issuance speed and overall customer satisfaction. Just click on the provider below. You can also compare specific SSL Certificates with our SSL Wizard. From there, you can see each SSL provider's average rating based on the SSL certificate reviews they have received. If you bought a certificate from one of the providers, please write an SSL review so that others know what to expect.


Are the SSL certificate reviews real or fake?

Since anyone can post a review, some have wondered whether the SSL reviews are really authentic. We do everything possible to ensure that fake reviews (yes, we have received some) are screened out before being published. Many of the reviews include a website where you can verify the SSL certificate in use, allowing you to personally verify that a real customer is behind the review.

What does a certificate authority do?

When an entity requests a certificate from a Certificate Authority, the CA completes a verification process. This can range from verifying domain name control by sending an email (for DV certificates) to collecting company registration documents and subscriber agreements (for OV and EV certificates). Once an entity's information has been verified, the certificate authority will sign their public key using the CA's private key. Because all major certificate authorities have root certificates in web browsers, the entity's certificate will be linked through a "chain of trust" and the web browser will recognize it as a trusted certificate.


Recent SSL Reviews

    tele validation

    12 Jan 2022 - Sectigo -

    Thanks for Mr. Dinesh for his support.

    Just absurd.

    9 Jan 2022 - Sectigo -

    Took the money and ran. No resolution.

    Go daddy worst ever

    4 Jan 2022 - GoDaddy -

    We paid for an SSL certificate installed and yet would never install despite numerous contacts with go daddy never any solution. …

    FRAUD!!! be carefull

    4 Jan 2022 - ZeroSSL -

    FRAUD! They charged me $10 per month, but it was not so clear becouse i signed up for Free 3 months and 1 year for 10$ was clearly mentioned on their web site. keep away from this service!!!

    Slow, Don't care that a cert is expired

    28 Dec 2021 - Sectigo -

    Started a re-issue *days* before expiration. On the day of expiration I communicated repeatedly with their staff to no avail. Received assurances it would get processed within an hour or two. …