Recent SSL Reviews


    25 Jul 2017 - GlobalSign -

    We go the Certificate as excepted from global sign, but we were facing some issue for installing the certificate . finally Mohit from Global sign certificate technical support resolve the issue. he…

    My SSL Was Applied to Another Website

    20 Jul 2017 - Comodo -

    I entered "After several days" for the speed the certificate was issued because there was no option to enter "Never." Also, for overall rating, it would not accept "0." I purchased a 2-year SSL and…

    Super support from Globalsign

    19 Jul 2017 - GlobalSign -

    Globalsign support is Excellent, Jayson and Mike Fransico gave a fantastic support to configure it in Tomcat. Thank you guys..! keep it up. Manu

    Incompetent, not using official data but private unofficial and invalid entreprise listings !

    18 Jul 2017 - Comodo -

    They are completely incompetent, it took 3 MONTHs to finally NOT having the certificate, because they are using wrong data, from non-official, foreign, invalid and private listings as reference (to…

    Very professional, and easy for EV SSL.

    18 Jul 2017 - Thawte -

    We first tried with Comodo, without success, because it was awful, and we had to cancel order because they were unable to validate our company using the official phone book ! On the opposite Thawte…