Recent SSL Reviews

    DigiCert, simply easy, reliable and affordable

    22 Oct 2016 - DigiCert -

    After trying several other "mainstream" SSL vendors we finally tried DigiCert and they are by far the best you can work with. We are glad we have found them and are looking forward to have many more…

    Awesome company

    20 Oct 2016 - Entrust -

    We started the process of moving our SSL certs to Entrust. When we discovered our code signing cert was going to expire in only a couple of days, and we were going to need more verification than for…

    Great certificate management process

    19 Oct 2016 - Entrust -

    We use Entrust to purchase and manage all of our public digital certificates. SSL certificates are such an important security product, and using the Entrust portal to purchase and management the…

    Exchange SAN certs

    19 Oct 2016 - Entrust -

    I wasn't sure the best way to renew my SAN cert and add new common names at the same time. I sent an email to Entrust support and it created a trouble ticket for me. They called back in a few hours…


    18 Oct 2016 - GlobalSign -

    JJ, support agent, was very kind, and helpful! Thank you JJ