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Compare SSL with the SSL Certificate Wizard

Need to compare SSL certificates or find out what type of certificate you need? Use this simple SSL certificate wizard to compare SSL from the major certificate providers. You'll be able to compare SSL certificate prices and features to find the perfect certificate for your needs. Give it a spin by answering the questions below:

I need to protect Enterprise information and/or financial data with high-level security.

I sell stuff on my website and need to secure my customers' credit card information.

I just need to secure my users' login and profile information.

I need to sign digital software with a code-signing certificate.

For example or

For example,,, etc. all with one certificate (*

For example,,, etc. all with one UC certificate.

These types of certificates usually take a few days to issue. They require extensive business or organization validation and domain name verification.

These types of certificates usually take a few hours to a few days to receive. They also require your business or organization to be validated and ownership of the domain name to be verified.

These types of certificates are usually issued immediately or within a few minutes. The provider usually only verifies that you own the domain name and, therefore, your organization name is not displayed on the certificate.

We'll use this information to determine the price range of certificates to display, assuming that personal sites will want the cheapest certificates and Entperise sites will want more expensive certificates.
Most certificates will only secure one single domain name or sub domain. If you need to secure multiple sub domains, you should buy a wildcard certificate or Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificate.
Different types of certificates can give customers a greater sense of security but they can also cost a lot more. There are essentially three types: EV, High Assurance, and Low Assurance. To buy the best SSL certificate for your needs, learn more about these different types.
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