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About SSL Shopper

SSL Shopper was created to help you find the perfect SSL Certificate for your needs. I've been a web developer for years and I've used various SSL providers so I hope my experience will help you navigate the SSL world by providing:

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How can SSL Shopper help you? We explain all the terms, give you certificate authority reviews from real customers, and let you compare every detail of each certificate so you can know you are making the best decision. Certificates are ranked according to what real customers have said about their providers.

Where should you get started? If you want to know about a particular certificate authority, start with the SSL Certificate Reviews. If you want a wizard to walk you through choosing an SSL certificate, you can compare SSL features from all providers with our SSL Wizard. If you just want to learn more about SSL Certificates, check out our SSL Frequently Asked Questions. The FAQs answer a lot of questions about different types of web certificates and different features.

Note: SSL Shopper is not run by any SSL vendor and prides itself on providing independent, objective reviews of the various SSL certificates and certificate authorities. All the information on the site is kept as accurate as possible so that it is easy to discern which provider will give you the greatest value. If you notice any corrections that need to be made or have any questions, please let us know.

All of the content on this site including the trademark "SSL Shopper" is covered under US and international copyright and trademark laws. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.

Best of luck finding the perfect SSL Certificate!



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