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SSL News

Implementing SSL on Windows a machine

July 23, 2007

George Ou offers a simple tutorial on how to create an SSL certificate on a Windows machine using the command line. A great introduction to getting a certificate if you have never gotten one before.

Microsoft Windows Root Certificate Security Issues

July 20, 2007

Removing a default root certificate from Windows XP may be pointless because that certificate seems to be automatically added as a trusted certificate again, according to security expert Paul Hoffman.

Scare customers with expired SSL certificates

July 19, 2007

It's easy to scare away customers using an SSL certificate that has already expired. Don't let it happen to your business.

GlobalSign Rebrands and Relaunches

July 18, 2007

Certification authority and security services provider GlobalSign recently announced that it has rebranded and relaunched as a member of the GMO Internet group of companies and has launched a new set of products and services. Prior to VeriSign's acquisition of GeoTrust, GMO Internet managed the GeoTrust Europe, and GeoTrust Japan brands.

Internet Passes 600,000 SSL Sites

July 13, 2007

Netcraft's SSL Survey has found more than 600,000 SSL sites on the Internet for the first time in May of this year.

Is SSL causing security problems?

July 12, 2007

An article from Secure Computing magazine discusses how the increase of SSL encrypted communications is making it more difficult to stop malware from entering a company's network and keeping data from leaving the company network without authorization.

Debugging SSL communications

July 11, 2007

The SSL and TLS protocols have become the de facto standard for securing network communications. These protocols provide confidentiality, authentication and message integrity, but add additional complexity to client server communications. This situation is most evident when application maintainers and system administrators need to debug application-layer protocols protected by SSL. This article will discuss two utilities (ssldump and openssl) that can help debug applications utilizing SSL.

Many leading sites deploying EV SSL

July 11, 2007

VeriSign's Tim Callan reports on some of the bigger sites that are now using EV certificates.

An Introduction to Exchange 2007 and Certificates

July 9, 2007

Scott Lowe gives an introduction to how to use SSL Certificates with Exchange 2007 explaining the annoyances that are involved.

Version 1.0 of EV SSL Guidelines Approved

July 8, 2007

On June 12th, 2007, the CA/Browser forum, a voluntary organization of leading certification authorities (CAs) and Internet browser software vendors, officially ratified the first version of the Extended Validation (EV) SSL Guidelines, which take effect immediately. The formal approval successfully brings to a close more than two years of effort, and provides the infrastructure for trusted website identity on the Internet.

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