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Many leading sites deploying EV SSL

VeriSign's Tim Callan reports on some of the bigger sites that are now using EV certificates.

It's not surprising that the pace of deployment of EV SSL Certificates is increasing. Here are some of the more noteworthy of the many sites that have gone live with green bars from VeriSign since the last time I wrote on this topic:

Deutsche Postbank, which announced its intention to support EV in February, has now deployed EV SSL. So has its fellow German bank, .comdirect.

In the e-commerce world we've seen deployments by Pizza Hut, Umbro, and Lamps Plus.

Other cool deployments include CARFAX, the Boston Globe, Time Warner Cable, and Carnegie Hall.

And of course I just blogged that E*TRADE is live with EV in Australia. Musn't forget that.

Many leading sites deploying EV SSL - [Tim Callan's SSL Blog]

Originally posted on Wed Jul 11, 2007

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