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Internet Passes 600,000 SSL Sites

Netcraft's SSL Survey has found more than 600,000 SSL sites on the Internet for the first time in May of this year. Netcraft's survey of SSL sites has now been running for over ten years. The first survey, in November 1996, found just 3,283 sites; since then, the number of SSL sites has had an average compound growth of 65% per annum. A note about EV certificates in May:

Adoption of EV certificates has been slow, however: there were around 700 EV certificates in public use last month [April, 2007], passing 0.1% of the survey for the first time. There are many possible causes for this slow adoption, not least the lack of a final standard [now released] for EV certificates (well-publicised difficulties surrounding how to allow unincorporated traders to obtain EV certificates being one unresolved issue). Companies are probably waiting for others to go first, since the early adopters are sure to find many users confused by the new interface — it will be some time before the green status bar is as well-known by users as the existing padlock symbol. This is further complicated by speculation that the Mozilla project (makers of Firefox) may not to use green status bar, instead choosing a different presentation.

Internet Passes 600,000 SSL Sites - [Netcraft]

Originally posted on Fri Jul 13, 2007
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