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SSL News

VeriSign Has Now Issued Over One Million SSL Certificates

May 18, 2008

VeriSign issued a press release stating that they have surpassed the one million mark for SSL Certificates.

Firefox 3's Site Identification button

May 11, 2008

Deb Richardson from Mozilla explains Firefox 3's new Site Identification button and how it helps users recognize trusted web sites and avoid untrusted sites.

Choosing an SSL Provider on Slashdot

May 4, 2008

A user on AskSlashdot asked about how to pick a SSL Certificate Provider. There were a variety of answers.

XSS and the 'Green Bar'

April 27, 2008

Larry Seltzer ponders on how the use of EV SSL Certificates might cause more XSS issues and offers a potential solutions.

Say No To SGC SSL Certificates

April 20, 2008

SGC SSL Certificates, which enable older browsers to connect to a site using 128-bit encryption even if the normal browser encryption rate is 40-bit, seem to provide a great advantage to many sites. But are they actually causing more harm than good?

PayPal: unsecure browsers = cars without seatbelts

April 20, 2008

PayPal, the most attacked company in phishing attacks, is planning to block users who use older, unsecured browsers that don't have anti-phishing protection.

New phishing attack pretends to create a personal certificate

April 20, 2008

A new phishing attack, imitating the Bank of America website, tries to gain users trust by claiming to create a personal certificate to be authenticated by.

EV SSL Info from Net.Finance

April 20, 2008

Tim Callan recently answered several questions about EV SSL Certificates at Net.Finance in Scottsdale, Arizona.

VeriSign Secured Seal increases sales by 31%

April 13, 2008

VeriSign has posted a story about how one retailer increased their sales by 31% just by displaying a site seal.

New Certificate Auto-Installation Tools from Comodo

April 13, 2008

Comodo posted a press released about a new technology that can automatically generate a private key and CSR on the server and then automatically install the certificate once it is issued. This has the potential to make many certificate installation processes much simpler.

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