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Implementing SSL on Windows a machine

George Ou offers a simple tutorial on how to create an SSL certificate on a Windows machine using the command line. A great introduction to getting a certificate if you have never gotten one before.

The Certificate generated using this Windows-based procedure will work for any device or Operating System that uses standard X.509 Digital Certificates.  No additional tools are needed if you’re running this procedure on Windows Vista computer.  On any other version of Windows Client or Server OS, you will need to make sure that the Windows Server 2003 Admin Pack is installed so that the needed command line tools are available to you.  You can download a copy here from Microsoft but it is also available on any Windows Server 2003 installation CD.  There is an alternative procedure for doing this if Microsoft IIS is installed but this procedure will focus on the command line technique.

How to implement SSL or TLS secure communications - [ZDNet.com]

The article is also available as a PDF download.

Originally posted on Mon Jul 23, 2007

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