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Plesk 8 SSL Installation Instructions

  1. Download the all of the certificates that your certificate authority sent you to the server.
  2. Logon to Plesk Control Panel.
  3. Click Domains and then click the domain that the certificate is for.
  4. Click on Certificates.
  5. Click on the Browse button then find where you saved the Primary Certificate (for your domain name). Select it, then click Send File. This will upload and install the certificate with the corresponding Private Key showing the certificate in a list at the bottom of the page.
  6. Click on the name of the Certificate from the list.
  7. In the CA Certificate box, paste both the Intermediate Certificate (if you received one) and Trusted Root Certificate. You may need to open the file in a text editor first if you don't have them in text form. It should look something like this:
  8. -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----
    (Intermediate certificate)
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
    (Root certificate)
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----

  9. Click the Send Text button.
  10. Return to the domain's administration screen by clicking Domains  then clicking the domain that the certificate is for and clicking Setup in the Hosting group.
  11. Select the SSL certificate that you wish to install from the Certificate drop-down box. If there is no Certificate drop-down box on the screen, it means that you are on a shared hosting account and, therefore, you will need to upgrade your hosting package to a package that has a dedicated, non-shared IP address. This is a requirement of the SSL protocol.
  12. Click the SSL Support check box then click OK.
  13. Stop and Start the Web Server (Apache) to activate the certificate.

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Plesk 8 SSL Installation Instructions Comments




You don't need to regenerate the SSL certificate after changing the IP address unless the common name of the certificate is the IP address. The common name is normally the domain name (e.g. so the certificate will work with any IP address without making any changes.


What do we have to do if changing IP address occurs after the SSL certificate installation? For example, do we have to re-generate a certificate again?


Hi Mok,

I don't know exactly what the problem is but I'm quite sure that it isn't related to SSL. You'll need to contact your host to have them resolve it.


I generated a CSR and then bought a standard SSL Certificate (Turbo SSL Certificate) from Website Palace, which came from (subsidiary of GoDaddy). This certificate does NOT WORK after installation, and I believe it's because it doesn't match the CSR due to Starfield's faulty SSL certificate generation software!

The Organization name of the CSR is my company name, whereas the Organization name of the certificate is the domain-name of my company. Also, the CSR contains the Locality (city), State, Country and Email of my organization, whereas these are missing on the certificate.

Am I correct in assuming that this certificate will never work as long as it doesn't match the CSR that was used to generate it?


Hi Steven,

It is actually okay if the information in the certificate doesn't match the information in the CSR. The only thing that needs to match is the public key. Because you bought a domain-validated certificate, they had to include the domain name in the organization field instead of the actual organization. This won't cause the certificate to not work so there must be some other problem. I would contact the support team of your certificate provider to get more assistance.


Hi Robert,
Thank you for your clarification.

The CSR and private key was generated before we installed the SSL certificate for a domain by copy code from the certificate authority email and paste them on the "Upload certificate as text" text box and press "send text".

Our website occasionally went down and gave us this error message: "Not Extended - A mandatory extension policy in the request is not accepted by the server for this resource."

Can you please advise what did we miss?

Thank you.

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