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cPanel SSL Installation Instructions

Different versions of cPanel have different SSL installation procedures. These cPanel SSL installation instructions should work with versions close to cPanel 7.0.

  1. Login to cPanel and click on the SSL Manager.
    SSL Manager
  2. Click on the icon above Certificates (CRT).
    Options In SSL Manager
  3. In the first box paste the contents of your Primary Certificate that you downloaded from your certificate authority. Include the BEGIN and END tags.
  4. Fill in the required Domain / User / IP address information. The domain and IP address may fill in automatically.
  5. In the middle box paste the correct private key that was generated with the CSR. The private key may fill in automatically if the server recognizes your Certificate or when you click fetch. Otherwise, you will need to paste it in.
  6. In the bottom box paste the contents of the Intermediate Certificate, if your certificate authority provided one.
  7. Press the "Do it" button.

If you get the message that the HTTP has failed to start, you will need to remove the installed certificate and start over or install the certificate directly in Apache. If you do not have access to the Apache configuration file, contact your hosting. Otherwise you can follow the Apache Installation instructions.

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cPanel SSL Installation Instructions Comments



Hello All,

I want to know how to take backup for cpanel certificate.



In my control panel and WHM provider said that Dedicated IP is require for set up domain with SSL


You can backup an SSL certificate in cPanel by simply copying the text of the private key, the primary certificate, and the intermediate certificate. Then if you need to install it again or move it to another server with cPanel, you can upload the private key and then upload the other certificates.


ok when i put my site on the dedicated ip in my WHM it just gives a site moved error. So do i need nameservers just for the dedicated ip in order to make the SSL cert complete.

Or can i use the nameservers for my dedicated server in general.



Hi Kris,

I would contact your web host to see if they can resolve the problem. It sounds like you may just need to update your nameservers, but they probably should have done that for you

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