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BEA Weblogic Server SSL Installation Instructions

Create The PEM File

The easiest way to import a chained certificate (one with an intermediate certificate) into Weblogic is to included all the certificates in a text file with a .pem extension and import it. Once you have downloaded your certificate from your certificate authority, open all the files in a text editor. Copy and paste any intermediate and root certificates right below your primary certificate in the following order: Primary Certificate > Intermediate Certificate > Root Certificate. Save the file with a .pem extension (i.e myCertificate.pem) The file should look like this when finished:

(Primary SSL certificate)
(Intermediate certificate)
(Root certificate)

Import and Install the Certificate

  1. Using the java keytool command line utility, import the pem file you created above using the following command: keytool -import -alias tomcat -keystore /path_to_keystore/mykeystore -file myCertificate.pem The command should be typed on one line. This command imports the certificate into the keystore named mykeystore in the working directory. Your keystore path and name may be different.
  2. Noe open the WebLogic Server Console and drill down to Security > Keystores > DefaultKeyStore and fill in the paths, file name, and various passwords for your private key, root CA certificate, and keystore locations.
  3. Restart the WebLogic server.

Useful Weblogic SSL Links

BEA Weblogic Server SSL Installation Instructions Comments



I dont know how to configure SSL in Weblogic Server please give detailed steps and one sample example on Https


The documenation was moved to Oracle site:


Thanks, Robert. I have added that link.


Hi Saibaba,

This page only covers how to install an SSL certificate to a Weblogic Server but the links below the instructions (especially the Video presentation) provide many great resources that will walk you through the whole process of configuring SSL on a Weblogic Server.

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