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Move or copy an SSL certificate from an Apache server to another Apache server

If you have multiple servers that need to use the same SSL certificate, such as in a load-balancer environment or using a wildcard or UC SSL certificates, you can copy the certificates to another server and use the same private key without having to created a new CSR or buy another certificate. This may also be necessary when you switch hosting companies.

Once you have successfully installed an SSL certificate on an Apache server, it is really easy to move or copy the certificate to another server. Unlike Windows servers you just have to copy the files! The whole process involves:

  1. Locating where the SSL certificate, private key, and any intermediate certificates are on your Apache server. Their exact location will be specified in your Apache configuration file if they are currently being used.
  2. Copying those files to the new server.
  3. Editing your Apache configuration file to use the new files on the new server. See our Apache SSL installation instructions for details on how to do this.

Moving an SSL certificate from an Apache server to another Apache server is the simplest of all. Simply copy and paste. If you need to move your SSL certificate to or from a different type of server, select the server type on our main SSL Certificate Import/Export Page

Originally posted on Sun Nov 9, 2008



Hi Avivaras,

Yes, you can copy the certificate and key to the other server and have it work on both at the same time.



I need some advice on moving an SSL cert from a physical server to it's cloned virtual counterpart or a non global zone on Solaris 10 to be exact. Now can I just move a cert and have it working on both server for a while given the hostname of the zone remains the same?


Vilmondes Queiroz(2017-02-07)

What about the private key? It's not safe to move a private key from a server to another, is it? How do you recommend us to do that?

SSL Shopper(2017-02-07)

There is no problem with moving a private key to another server as long as it is transferred securely.

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