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Microsoft Kernel-Mode Code Signing Certificates

Kernel-Mode Code Signing Certificates allow you to sign kernel-mode software and device drivers. The x64 editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 requires all kernel-mode software to be digitally signed by a trusted authority. When you sign your code using a Kernel-Mode Code Signing Certificate, your users will know that it comes from a trusted source (you) and Windows Vista and Windows 7 will inherently trust it. If you don't sign your kernel-mode software and device drivers,your users will see the following message and won't be able to install anything:

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24/7 Customer Support by Chat, Phone, and E-mail Full refund within 30 days of issuance 4.9
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24/7 Customer Support by Chat, Phone, and E-mail Full refund within 30 days of issuance 3.4
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Provider Rating 4.9
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From 42 reviews
Year Founded 2003 1995
Headquarters Lehi, Utah, USA Lehi, Utah, USA
Support Options 24/7 Customer Support by Chat, Phone, and E-mail 24/7 Customer Support by Chat, Phone, and E-mail
Refund Policy Full refund within 30 days of issuance Full refund within 30 days of issuance
Warranty $0 $0
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Provider DigiCert's Code Signing Symantec's Code Signing Certificate
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Price For 1 Year $499.00 $499.00
Issuance Speed Within 1 day after all documentation is received 2-4 business days

Supports Windows Authenticode Signing
Yes Yes

Supports Apple OS X Signing
Yes Yes

Supports Microsoft Office VBA Signing
Yes Yes

Supports Sun Java Signing
Yes Yes

Supports Adobe Air Signing
Yes Yes

Supports Windows Vista x64 Kernel Mode Signing
Yes Yes
Validation Required Organization Validation Organization Validation
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By using Kernel-Mode Certificates to sign your software you:

  • Prove your identity to your users
  • Ensure that the software can’t be modified afterwards
  • Allow the kernel-mode software to be installed on x64 Vista and Windows 7 machines

Because Kernel-Mode Code Certificates need to be issued by a trusted certificate authority, you will need to purchase one from one of the providers listed above. Use the comparison chart above to find out which Kernel-Mode Code Certificates will meet your needs the best and provide the greatest value. You can compare prices, compatibility, provider reviews and ratings, support, and other features. Make sure to select Windows Authenticode as the certificate type so that the provider generates the certificate in the appropriate format. To learn more about code signing, read What is Code Signing? or Microsoft’s Kernel-Mode Code Signing Walkthrough.