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SSL Certificate Comparison

We've sorted through all the SSL certificates in our database to find the best ones that will work for you. Here are the results including which providers have the best reviews and prices. Just compare the details listed below and click Get Pricing or Learn More to get started. Go back to the SSL Wizard to change your search parameters.

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Top Ranked Provider

24/7 Customer Support by Chat, Phone, and E-mail Full refund within 30 days of issuance 4.9
90 reviews
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24/7 Customer Support by Chat, Phone, and E-mail Full refund within 30 days of issuance 4.7
3438 reviews
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Detailed SSL Certificate Comparison

Provider Info
Rank #1 #2

Provider Rating 4.9
From 90 reviews
From 3438 reviews
Year Founded 2002 1998
Headquarters Houston, Texas, USA Roseland, New Jersey, USA
Support Options 24/7 Customer Support by Chat, Phone, and E-mail 24/7 Customer Support by Chat, Phone, and E-mail
Refund Policy Full refund within 30 days of issuance Full refund within 30 days of issuance
Warranty $10,000 $100,000
Certificate Info
Product Name's Basic SSL Sectigo's Instant SSL

Price For 1 Year $49.00 $99.00
Issuance Speed Within a few minutes Within 1 hour
Domains Secured Single Domain Name (FQDN) + www SAN Single Domain Name (FQDN) + www SAN
Validation Required Domain Validation Organization and Domain Validation
Notification Level in Browsers Domain Name Shown On Certificate Only Domain Name and Organization Name Shown On Certificate
Server License Unlimited Servers Unlimited Servers
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What to look for in an SSL Provider

Every certificate provider has different products, prices, features, and levels of customer satisfaction. You will primarily want to compare the following when choosing a certificate authority:

  • Product features - Does the certificate authority provide a certificate with the features you need? For example, does it cover all the domain names I need (Wildcard, Multi-Domain, etc.). Does it provide Extended Validation, Organization Validation, or just Domain Validation?
  • Support - Does the SSL provider offer quality customer support when you need it? Read our provider reviews to learn about other customers' experiences.
  • Price - Is the certificate within your price range?


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