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Certificate Authority Rating
From 89 reviews
From 2060 reviews
Price For 1 Year
Multiple Year Options Up to 2 Years Up to 2 Years
Domains Secured Single Domain Name (FQDN) + www SAN Single Domain Name (FQDN) + www SAN
Issuance Speed Within a few minutes Within 1 hour
Validation Required Domain Validation Organization and Domain Validation
Notification Level in Browsers Domain Name Shown On Certificate Only Domain Name and Organization Name Shown On Certificate
Browser Compatibility 99% 99%
Number of Free Reissues Allowed Unlimited until expired Unlimited until expired
Server License Unlimited Servers Unlimited Servers
Support Options Free Chat, Phone and E-mail, 24/7 Free Chat, and E-mail, 24/7
Refund Policy Full refund within 30 days of issuance Full refund within 30 days of issuance
Warranty $10,000 $100,000
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