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Sectigo SSL Certificate Reviews

Sectigo is a privately held company that offers SSL certificate and computer security products. It was previously known as Comodo and Comodo CA but has since been sold to new owners and changed its name to Sectigo on November 1st, 2018. It was founded in 1998 and is headquartered inĀ Roseland, New Jersey USA.

The Sectigo SSL certificate reviews listed below will help you determine whether Sectigo is a good company to buy SSL certificates from. The reviews have been verified to be from real Sectigo customers.

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Sectigo Reviews

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Randy Philipp

Randy Philipp

Where is the search for SSL CERTs?
April 27, 2023 Permalink
Overall Rating:
Product: Other
Organization: UMBC

I have been using Sectigo for a while to generate CERTS (we have many of them here at UMBC). We have pages and pages of CERTS, and the lack of search on the CERT list is a huge problem. Having to scroll through pages and pages of CERTs really makes it difficult. I do not understand why such a simple thing as a search is missing; it is like someone is intentionally making things difficult.

Showing review 1 to 20 of 4508 | Next | Last

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