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GeoTrust SSL Certificate Reviews

GeoTrust is a large certificate authority, owned by Symantec, that sells SSL certificate products. GeoTrust was established in 2001 (sold to VeriSign in 2006), and is headquartered in Mountain View, California, USA.

The GeoTrust SSL certificate reviews listed below will help you determine whether GeoTrust is a good company to buy SSL certificates from. The reviews have been verified to be from real GeoTrust customers.

If you want to compare GeoTrust SSL certificates with certificates from other SSL providers, use our SSL Wizard. If you have ever purchased or received a certificate from GeoTrust, please post a GeoTrust SSL review to let others know what to expect.

3.65 (130 Total Reviews)

GeoTrust Reviews

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Laney Jones Kehel

Laney Jones Kehel

GeoTrust will Steal Your Money!
December 22, 2016 Permalink
Overall Rating:
Product: True BusinessID with EV

GeoTrust offered SSL certificates through Lithium Hosting and I ordered one in October. To date, no certificate and no refund. Many promises but neither of the above. The hosting company says it is not their issue and GeoTrust says nothing except that they are "right on it". You have been warned!!! The box forced me to choose a box that said it was processed in a few days. It was not EVER issued! The 0 overall rating is disabled so you must choose a better one, even if it a lie, on this form. PS There is NEVER EVER an issue with them processing YOUR payment. They take it immediately.

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