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GoDaddy Captures 47 Percent of SSL Market

(WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) -- For the past 12 months, Domain registrar and web hosting provider Go Daddy has issued more new Secure Sockets Layer certificates than any other provider, commanding 47 percent of all new SSL Certificates for 2008.

According to web analytics and security firm Netcraft, Go Daddy issued more than 100,000 of the roughly 220,000 SSL certificates added to Web sites during 2008. An SSL certificate enables encryption of online transactions and communications. GoDaddy.com's Certificates are offered in three validation levels, standard, deluxe and premium extended validation SSL offering up to 256-bit encryption.

Go Daddy began offering SSL certificates in March 2004, credits its steady growth to "pure organic growth," which means that it was not forced through mergers or acquisitions.

"Why are we growing so fast? We think people are much quicker to spot real value these days," GoDaddy.com chief executive officer and founder Bob Parsons said in a statement. "Why would anyone pay more than four times the price for the very same thing?"

According to Go Daddy, its SSL Certificates cost one-fourth the price of high-end competitors such as Symantec, while still offering the same functionality and industry-leading support. As well, every Go Daddy certificate includes an unlimited server license, meaning one Certificate can be used on multiple servers, potentially saving companies thousands of dollars beyond the base price.

Go Daddy's announcement also points to significant grow in the latter half of 2008. In August 2008, Netcraft reported that Go Daddy held a 20.5 percent share of the SSL market. Go Daddy notes that it issued more new SSL Certificates than VeriSign and its other competitors combined during the last quarter of 2008.

GoDaddy Captures 47 Percent of SSL Market - [Web Host Industry Review]

Originally posted on Sun Feb 1, 2009


Erik Herrera(2014-12-13)

Not knowing anything about their EV Certificate process, I went through GoDaddy to take advantage of this value, especially since their sales department told me I qualified. I went for it, but what a terrible decision it was. During the validation process, GoDaddy telephone support was non-existent and they told me to communicate through their email ticket system. GoDaddy Response times during the validation process were 4-8 hours (even for yes/no questions). They kept adding additional requirements and hoops for me to jump through. Finally, after 5-6 days and $600 in getting them what they wanted, GoDaddy validation said I didn't qualify based on illegitimate reasons. After 5-6 days! I emailed several times for them to prove it to me and they wouldn't. Competing agencies said they couldn't because they're argument for declining me was illegitimate.

Was I able to get an EV certificate? Yes, but with a competitor. I spent a little more, but within an hour I had a very helpful phone call from someone and was validated almost immediately after submitting all of my qualifying documents. Just a couple calls and some very friendly conversations. No painful ticket system, no tedious phone calls, no 5-6 day turnaround... just very simple, very speedy and very quick.

It may be a great value, but you certainly get what you pay for. If you want a solid SSL certificate, pay a little more and get it elsewhere.


It looks like it was DigiCert based on his CA review: http://www.sslshopper.com/g...


Who did you eventually purchase the certificate thru?

KG Karaoke(2014-12-13)

We use a Go Daddy Class 2 256-bit SSL certificate on our supplementary website, http://store.kgkaraoke.com and are delighted with it. It took us approximately fifteen minutes to complete the process, including the verification phone call from them. Well continue to use Go daddy for our certificate needs.

KG Karaoke

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