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GoDaddy is an SSL certificate authority that sells web hosting, domain names, SSL certificates, and other web services. GoDaddy was established in 1997, and is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

The GoDaddy SSL certificate reviews listed below will help you determine whether GoDaddy is a good company to buy SSL certificates from. The reviews have been verified to be from real GoDaddy customers.

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GoDaddy Reviews

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Anam Kinsey
Anam Kinsey
Shop Elsewhere!!
July 13, 2017 Permalink
Overall Rating:
Product: Standard SSL
Support: They are inadequate
Interface: Difficult to use
Issuance Speed: After a few hours
Organization: Anam Kinsey

I know we all have to do the horrible and make the switch to SSL/Https. I have done it a few times and it looks like godaddy made an easier means to do so. Don't fall for it. It is just a new money model for godaddy. I talked with near 10 different techs (all of whom provide non identifying names -Dave, Paul, Mike and so on-) following their instructions to my grief. Following SLL techs advice will absolutely lead to expense, pain and humiliation. Their instructions will break your sites. The techs are trained to then take advantage of your confusion, a confusion they contribute to by a MESS of contradictory instructions. Good Luck if you make the mistake of thinking past experience means that Godaddy will take care of you. No longer true. Please share around when you find someone who actually knows what they are doing about SSL.

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