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Comodo CA is a privately held company that offers SSL certificate and computer security products. It was founded in 1998 and is headquartered inĀ Roseland, New Jersey USA.

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Comodo Reviews

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Jamie B
Jamie B
Frustrating verification process - until Mary F came to the rescue
July 10, 2018 Permalink
Overall Rating:
Product: EV SSL
Support: They are inadequate
Interface: Difficult to use
Issuance Speed: After several days

I dread having to order these as the verification process is slow and fraught with trouble. Those with a heart condition need not apply. If you didn't know that Comodo was the number one certificate authority in the world, you wouldn't believe it from the verification process. Poorly worded and unhelpful email responses that look like spam or a general lack of a timely response, it feels like they intentionally make the entire process difficult. There's always at least one problem. This year it was that they were unable to issue a certificate to the address we supplied in the paperwork for the previous 2 years. As it happens, for the past 2 years they changed the address themselves, but we hadn't realised. Before that, it was because I was named as the Certificate Requester working for an agency on behalf of the Certificate Approver/Signer, which despite being a common scenario and working previously, apparently caused unnecessary complication in the verification process. Essentially because the receptionist and said company couldn't verify that I worked there (I don't, that's why I'm named as the certificate requester with a different address and phone number in the paperwork). We were advised not to use the paper-based method and instead to use the online link and essentially pretend to be both requester, approver and signer. Even if you do provide all of the correct names and contact numbers in the documentation, they somehow manage to mangle them and/or associate the wrong person with the wrong numbers. Then there's the nightmare of trying to arrange a callback. If you don't work in the same office as the person they need to call and don't have a GPS tracker on them, it could be weeks before this happens. It's like waiting for planets to align, except without the certainty that they eventually will. You give them a time to call and have no idea if they actually did or not (sometimes not, maybe sometimes in a different timezone) and you spend your hours trying to get two people to talk to each other. If there's a receptionist involved at the target company, you can all but forget the idea. With OV certificates, there's an automated call to the "main business number". Now, unless you are a 1 or 2 person company, it's likely that an actual conversation needs to be had with an operator who can direct the call. We've had this issue previously, where only an automated call could be used. Then you need to explain to the receptionist what is happening (who probably thinks you are scamming them) and to get the target person to call back with a confirmation code. If the business isn't listed on Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) or there are incorrect details, you may as well give up immediately and go for a DV certificate, because you're not going to get verified even if you show them 20 other business directory listings with the correct details. The only way this process can work smoothly is if a) you are the Certificate Requester, Approver and Signer all in one b) you are the only contact at the company c) you have a single company registration number and address d) your single phone number and address is listed in D&B under your company registration number e) the address and phone number are directly associated with you f) your are very lucky. Deviate from that, and the process gets exponentially more complicated. Enter Mary Feliciano. This year (after a couple of unfortunately last resort Twitter outbursts) we have been fortunate to receive assistance from Mary, who genuinely seems like the only person at Comodo who cares, can takes ownership of a problem, is able to act and think independently, use common sense and actually make the process bearable. I hope to communicate with Mary in future, to ensure the verification process runs smoothly. Thank you Mary!

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