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VeriSign Vs. Non-VeriSign SSL Certificates

Someone posted a funny video on YouTube about how VeriSign SSL certificates compare to certificates from other SSL providers. It was made like a Mac vs. PC ad. Check it out:

The video definitely exaggerates many points for comedic effect (just like real Mac Vs. PC ads), but it also brings up some reasons why you may want to consider using a different certificate authority than VeriSign:

  • VeriSign certificates provide the same level of security that certificates from other providers do.
  • The supposed benefit of SGC certificates is really a drawback.
  • Other providers offer valuable features like wildcard certificates and free multiple server licenses
  • The biggest reason: VeriSign certificates can cost several hundred or thousand times more dollars.

However, you have to take into consideration that VeriSign does offer discounts for bulk orders and that it is probably one of the most recognizable brands for security. To do a comparison of SSL providers, compare SSL with our SSL Wizard.

VeriSign vs. Non-VeriSign SSL Certificates - [YouTube]

Originally posted on Sun Dec 28, 2008

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