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VeriSign introduces the 'Cart Whisperer'

Who is the "Cart Whisperer"? What is a "Cart Whisperer"? Let's just say, shopping carts have a new friend who is here to make sure they aren't abandoned:

VeriSign has launched a new marketing campaign about a "Cart Whisperer", Liberty Fillmore, who aims to help poor little shopping carts from being abandoned. The site includes a viral video which has already received over 850,000 views on youtube in just a few days.

Fred Aun discussed the video:

The NoMoreAbandonedCarts.com site is a pseudo-amateurishly designed hodgepodge supposedly created by Fillmore. It features a YouTube video of him that begins as he's driving his pickup in search of abandoned shopping carts. "I don't know what it is in a person makes 'em just up and abandon a perfectly good shopping cart," he narrates over an acoustic guitar soundtrack as his eyes dart in search of carts needing rescue. When he finds one, he gets on his belly and approaches slowly, making some kind of bird-like sound. "Y'see, the key is you gotta talk to 'em in their own language," explains Fillmore.

Of course, the primary purpose of the campaign is to promote VeriSign's EV SSL Certificates. Liberty Fillmore explains:

"What made me start this interweb site was when I started hearing all these stories of how many people abandoned carts on the interweb -- on account of how they didn't feel secure hitting the BUY button. That's when I found out about VeriSign and their Extended Validation SSL protection program. They help make it so interweb sites can make shoppers and customers feel comfortable, so they can hit the BUY button and know they are giving their credit card information to the business they think they are giving it to rather than imposters."

The site contains videos, shopping cart poetry, and contests.

No More Abandoned Shopping Carts.com

Originally posted on Mon Mar 3, 2008

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