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VeriSign Helps Minimize Downtime and Lost Business With New Certificate Discovery Module

New Certificate Discovery Module for VeriSign's Managed PKI for SSL Services Enables Real-Time Tracking of All SSL Certificates in Complex Business Environments

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (Marketwire) -- April 21, 2009 -- RSA CONFERENCE -- VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN), the trusted provider of Internet infrastructure for the networked world, today made it easier than ever for organizations to track and manage multiple Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates, regardless of the CA issuer. Designed for businesses that operate across complex heterogeneous infrastructures, the Certificate Discovery Module is an enhancement to VeriSign's Managed PKI for SSL Services, offered at no additional charge to customers with a Managed PKI for SSL account.

Available today, the VeriSign Certificate Discovery module offers the industry's most comprehensive level of control over SSL Certificates issued by multiple Certificate Authorities (CAs) and deployed across several departments or business units. The module enables administrators to view a complete inventory of all SSL Certificates and their status without having to manually navigate extensive SSL deployments, which is time consuming and prone to costly error. Any mistake can have an immediate and critical impact on productivity, revenue and operating costs; for instance, an unexpected certificate expiration on a critical server could cripple a business. The module can help administrators to avoid such mistakes.

Administrators can quickly identify rogue certificates and bring them under management. Businesses typically employ enterprise solutions to centralize and simplify the management of the company's SSL Certificate portfolio. Though this is effective for managing certificates that are purchased via the system itself, it doesn't address the many out-of-console or "rogue" certificate purchases that often take place within organizations. These rogue certificate implementations are incredibly difficult to track and puts businesses at risk of unexpected downtime. Certificate Discovery minimizes this risk by helping administrators identify and bring these certificates under management, while taking advantage of cost savings through aligning certificate purchases with pre-negotiated contract prices.

"As enterprises grow, it's too easy for IT managers to lose visibility and control of SSL Certificates -- and that makes it harder to manage encryption products across their network," said Michael Lin, vice president of SSL product management at VeriSign. "VeriSign's Certificate Discovery Module vastly simplifies the task of controlling extensive SSL deployments with multiple CAs, enabling managers to reduce the risk of SSL downtime and maximize the return on their IT investments."

To execute an SSL Certificate search, security administrators simply access the Certificate Discovery Module via a link in their Managed PKI for SSL account and enter the IP address range they want scanned. The resulting report provides a complete list of all SSL Certificates in their ecosystem, including expiration dates, regardless of the issuing CA. The tool even checks to ensure that certificates and corresponding intermediates have been installed correctly.

VeriSign's Managed PKI for SSL Services helps reduce the cost and complexity of managing all VeriSign digital certificates with delegated administration and reporting tools available from a single, Web-based portal. The VeriSign managed service allows administrators to easily track and renew certificates as early as 90 days prior to expiry. In addition, extensive audit trails of all certificate life cycle operations help organizations manage their risk. For more information, visit: http://www.verisign.com/ssl/buy-ssl-certificates/managed-pki/index.html

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Originally posted on Sun Apr 26, 2009



I have been following VeriSign's movements in this area for quite some time now. I believe that managing internal certificates issued by organization's own CA is a bigger issue than managing external "forward facing" certificates which are issued by commercial CA's.
The discovery module that VeriSign have announced today is only going to "search" forward facing domains. It is good to be have the extra level of control offered that the discovery module will offer to make sure that all org units are in compliance with the policies. However, discovery of rogue certificates internally still remains unaddressed.

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