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The Double V Phishing Attack

A new phishing attack uses two Vs to replace a W (e.g. VVindowsupdate). The latest attack is on Western Union. The phishing email links to vvesterunion.us (with the double v and without the n on western).

double v phishing attack

The site has already been taken down but the situation shows how clever some phishers can be. The site didn't use an SSL certificate which is an obvious tip-off but the people who are unobservant enough to fall for these types of scams don't necessarily check for a little lock icon anyway. However, if Western Union had an EV SSL Certificate and there was a very obvious change to the browser (such as a green address bar) then people would be less likely to fall for phishing attacks.

The return of the disingenuous double v - [SunbeltBLOG]

Originally posted on Sun Sep 2, 2007

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