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SSL Seminars and Podcasts

Tired of reading? Learn more about SSL and the Extended Validation SSL certificates using one of these seminars or podcasts.

EV SSL Podcast

First up, is a podcast from Practical eCommerce with the CEO of Comodo, Melih Abdulhayoglu. Comodo is a large provider of SSL certificates including EV SSL certificates. The podcast  and the associated article introduce SSL and EV certificates and how they improve upon normal SSL:

Online shoppers know to look for a yellow padlock icon to verify that their shopping information is encrypted. Now, when customers want to know if they’re shopping at the real merchant—and not some spoof site—they also can look for a green bar.

This green bar is part of a new process called Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer Certification, a ramped up version of the SSL Certificate that made encryption of customer-input pages mainstream. It began appearing Jan. 22 as shading behind EV SSL-certified URLs shown in most browser windows. It provides a visual clue that the site has gone through additional checks to confirm its legal ecommerce status. However, adoption faces several challenges.


Browser compatibility

Just as Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 or, in beta version, Internet Explorer 8 are the only browsers able to interpret 256-bit encryption, the green bar also has browser adaptability issues. As the first ecommerce site to try VeriSign’s EV SSL, during its beta phase in 2006, Overstock.com’s customers couldn’t see the green bar portion until January 2008. That’s when Microsoft programmed Internet Explorer 7 and IE8 to “go green,” says VeriSign VP of SSL Marketing Tim Callan.

Firefox 3 and Opera 9.5 browsers followed in June. The green bar still doesn’t show in such major browsers as Safari, some Windows XP systems, non-updated versions of Internet Explorer 6 and FireFox 2, and earlier versions of Opera, Firefox, Mozilla and other browsers.

Listen to the EV SSL Podcast at Practical eCommerce

SSL Seminars

Tim Callan from VeriSign has posted about two SSL seminars that they have available online:

We recorded a couple of good Web seminars recently on the subject of Extended Validation SSL. I had the privelege to give the first to over 500 security professionals. In addition to boiling the basic EV story down to a half hour, it also contains an excellent Q& A session.

The second was run by my compatriot Ryan White, and what's special about this seminar is it has a special guest visitor, Darren Shafae, vice-president of Proof-Reading.com. Darren offers the unique insights of an online business that has chosen to go with EV SSL.

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Originally posted on Mon Sep 1, 2008

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