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Over 100 Credit Unions now have EV SSL Certificates

In an effort to demonstrate the ubiquity of EV Certificates, VeriSign posted a press release stating that over 100 Credit Unions in the United States now use their EV SSL Certificates. It stated:

By deploying VeriSign EV SSL Certificates, these financial institutions can provide consumers using high security browsers with instantly recognizable visible cues that help assure users they have reached a genuine Web page.

“For us and for our members, the real currency of doing business online isn’t money at all; it’s trust,” said Pete Kneisler, vice president of information services at San Mateo Credit Union. “The values of trust and community go to the very heart of the credit union concept, which means we must do everything we can to preserve those values. By deploying VeriSign EV SSL, we are living up to the commitment we make with every San Mateo Credit Union member. VeriSign EV SSL is an essential part of our online presence.” 

When a financial institution or other online business uses an EV SSL Certificate to identify itself, browsers including Internet Explorer 7 and the latest beta version of Firefox 3 display easily understood visual cues to provide tangible assurance of a site’s authenticity. The address bar turns green, a lock icon appears next to the address, and a new field displays to the right of the URL in the browser. This field contains the name of the organization that owns the site as well as the security provider that issued the certificate, such as VeriSign.

More Than 100 Credit Unions Turn to VeriSign to Protect Consumers Against Identity Theft - VeriSign

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