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New SSL Book: The Shortcut Guide to Extended Validation SSL Certificates

Thawte has sponsored Dan Sullivan to write a short eBook about SSL Certificates, how they can be used, and the advantages of the new EV SSL Certificates.

The Shortcut Guide to Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates examines security challenges to online business operations as well as responses to those concerns. This guide describes how technologies such as SSL have been used in the past to prevent fraud and ensure confidentiality and how new threats, such as phishing scams, are driving the need for the improved authentication and verification provided by extended validation SSL certificates. The Shortcut Guide to Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates also includes detailed descriptions of the EV SSL certification process as well as the user experience. The work concludes with a look at the future of extended validation technologies and services.

The chapters include:

  • Chapter 1: Security Challenges and the Business Case for EV SSL Certificates
  • Chapter 2: Overview of SSL and EV-SSL Certificates
  • Chapter 3: Authentication and Verification
  • Chapter 4: User Experience
  • Chapter 5: Future of EV SSL Certificate

The first three chapters can be downloaded as a free PDF by visiting the book's page and submiting your email address. The book gives an excellent overview of the different types of SSL Certificates, why we need SSL certificates, how they work, and how EV SSL Certificates are validated.

Originally posted on Sun Dec 23, 2007

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