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Internet shoppers clueless on web security

Julian Goldsmith writes about a study conducted by IMRG reveals that consumers still lack awareness of basic online security. This includes normal "gold padlock" displays as well as the new EV SSL Certificate "green address bar".

Goldsmith reports,

A survey conducted by hosting specialist NetBenefit revealed 80 per cent of consumers are concerned about internet security when buying online but 70 per cent of them did not understand the significance of the green internet browser bar (a signal the website the shopper is about to enter has been verified and identified as reputable).

Of the 1,286 consumers across the UK surveyed during December by the company, 20 per cent did not understand the function of the golden padlock icon, which appears when shoppers are about to enter a secure website certified by Secure Sockets Layer.

According to NetBenefit COO Jonathan Robinson, the findings are a concern because approximately half of the respondents said they would be prepared to spend up to £500 online.

Research from IMRG, which found £84m was spent online on Christmas Day alone, supports this.

Robinson said in a statement: "It is of the utmost importance that shoppers start to check up on their favourite shopping sites' security as only then will the UK's 62,000-plus internet traders take the shoppers experience and safety more seriously."

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Originally posted on Sun Mar 9, 2008
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