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Flagstar Bank Increases Signups by 10% Using EV SSL Certificates

VeriSign has issued a press release reporting that Flagstar Bank has seem impressive results from using an EV SSL Certificate on their website. The release states:

As today's market conditions grow in uncertainty each day, customers of Michigan-based Flagstar Bank can be certain they are logging on to a legitimate Flagstar Bank site, thanks to advanced security and validation solutions from VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN), the leading provider of Internet infrastructure for the networked world.

With VeriSign® Extended Validation (EV) Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection, Flagstar is building trust and confidence among its customers by offering instantly recognizable assurance that they have reached the genuine Flagstar site. This easily identifiable source of assurance has led to a 10 percent increase in online enrollments.(1) As fraudsters seek to exploit the current economic crisis in their phishing attacks,(2) trust indicators like those provided by EV SSL's green address bar are instrumental in helping protect online customers.

"Our move to EV was part of a major modernization of our Web presence in which we improved navigability, added functionality and enhanced personalization," said Jason Dufner, senior vice president, IT Content and Banking Systems at Flagstar Bank. "Whenever we perform such an overhaul, it's important to continue to advance in information security, and VeriSign EV SSL was just the right thing. The EV green address bar assures our customers that they're dealing with the real Flagstar in a way that's more visible and reliable than ever before."

The press release goes on to explain what EV SSL certificates are and how many business are beginning to adopt them in order to display the green bar and increase trust and potential revenue.

Flagstar Bank Sees 10 Percent Increase in Online Enrollments With VeriSign EV SSL Certificates - [VeriSign]

Originally posted on Sun Nov 2, 2008



In the midst of what some are refering to as the worst economical crisis since the greate depression over 80 years ago, with banks and other financial institutions going out of biz left right and centre and they really expect anyone is picking up 10% increasing in business in this sector due to EV certificates?

I guess they can live in hope, wonder how many companies using EV certificates have lost 100% of customers because of it :)


How would a company lose 100% of its customers by spending a few hundred more dollars on an EV certificate? If they were in that bad of shape before they bought the certificate, then they shouldn't have bought it. How can you reasonably blame the technology?

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