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Firefox EV Plug-In Only Supports VeriSign Certificates

Larry Seltzer posts about how the VeriSign's EV Green Bar Extension for Firefox only works for certificates issued by VeriSign (or it's subsidiaries like GeoTrust)

Why is this so?

It's easy to jump to conspiratorial conclusions, but the reasons behind this are complicated. First, the practical impact: there are some, although very few, EV sites on the Web which if viewed in Internet Explorer 7 will show the green bar, but not in Firefox with the VeriSign plug-in. The first example I found was GoDaddy, which issued and signed their own EV certificate for their site.

This is certainly a disadvantage but I don't foresee that many people will use the EV Green Bar Extension anyway. The best plan it to just wait for Firefox 3.0 when Firefox EV certificate support will be inherent.

Firefox EV Plug-In Only Supports VeriSign Certificates - [PCMag Blogs]

Originally posted on Thu Aug 16, 2007
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