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EV SSL Case Studies

VeriSign has compiled a list of case studies showing how EV SSL has helped various sites. If you need help convincing your superiors to switch to EV SSL, these may be the ticket. VeriSign's Tim Callan said this about the case studies:

As you may know, lots of online businesses have measured the results of putting Extended Validation SSL on their sites and have universally found that it increases the propensity for site visitors to complete sensitive transactions. With so many measurements of EV's effect (I am aware of seventeen such tests, personally), we have decided to gather as many of them together in one place so that it's easy to take in the science all at once.

The case studies cover all kinds of companies including Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.,,, Fitness Footwear, and Papercheck. Click here to view the EV SSL Case Studies.

I will also post new success stories about EV SSL Certificates here.

On October 20, 2008, VeriSign's Tim Callan posted about Extended Validation SSL and increased ATV.

Entrust EV SSL Provides Better ROI from Trusted Security Expert

Originally posted on Sun Sep 21, 2008