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Best Over Ear Headphones: Top Picks for Immersive Audio Experience in 2024

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best over ear headphones

Over ear headphones offer an immersive audio experience, combining comfort with exceptional sound quality. They are distinguished from other types by their design, which encloses the ear with cushioned ear cups, providing an acoustic seal that minimizes external noise. This design also allows for a broad range of sound, capable of delivering deep bass, rich mid-tones, and crisp highs. Over-ear headphones are preferred by audiophiles, professionals, and casual listeners alike for their ability to produce clear and balanced audio across various music genres and other audio content.

When in the market for the best over-ear headphones, several factors are paramount. Sound quality is, of course, the cornerstone, with many seekers of high fidelity looking for a flat frequency response that accurately reproduces the audio as it was intended to be heard. Comfort is another critical aspect, as over-ear headphones are often worn for extended periods. A comfortable headband and ear cups, adjustability, and the weight of the headphones all contribute to overall comfort. Additionally, the build quality is important for longevity, and additional features such as noise cancellation, wireless connectivity, and battery life play a significant role in user satisfaction.

We understand the importance of finding headphones that match one’s personal needs and preferences, which is why we’ve spent considerable time evaluating various models to find ones that deliver on all fronts. Our testing process involves analyzing audio quality, comfort, durability, and the added features that set some options apart from the rest.

Top Over-Ear Headphones

We understand the importance of audio quality, comfort, and durability in your search for the perfect over-ear headphones. Our curated selection reflects the best available options, combining user feedback and technical expertise to ensure your listening experience is second to none. Whether for professional use or personal enjoyment, rest assured every pair in our list excels in performance and value.

Beats Studio Pro

In our time with the Beats Studio Pro, we found them to be a strong contender for those seeking immersive audio and seamless integration with their devices.


  • Exceptional sound with personalized spatial audio and dynamic head tracking
  • Adaptive Noise Cancelling and Transparency modes suit various environments
  • Impressive battery life with fast-charging features


  • May be pricey for budget-conscious buyers
  • Design may not appeal to everyone
  • With the plethora of features, there’s a learning curve for optimal use

Upon first donning the Beats Studio Pro, we were immediately enveloped in a rich, detailed soundscape. The custom acoustic platform made our favorite tracks resonate with newfound depth. Switching between modes was intuitive; Active Noise Cancelling hushed the outside world effectively while Transparency mode brought it back in when needed.

Comfort was paramount during longer listening sessions, and the Studio Pro didn’t disappoint. We wore them for hours with little to no fatigue. The convenience of on-ear controls was appreciated, allowing us to manage calls and activate voice assistants with ease.

The robust battery life of the Beats Studio Pro was a game-changer. We pushed through long flights and workdays without reaching for the charger. And on those occasions when we needed a quick boost, a mere 10-minute charge provided us with hours of playback.

In our experience, the Beats Studio Pro headphones have earned their place as a top-tier audio accessory. Whether it was connecting effortlessly to our devices or commanding voice calls with clarity, these headphones didn’t just perform; they impressed.

TOZO HT2 ANC Headphones

We think that anyone who values exceptional sound combined with excellent noise cancellation will be thrilled with these headphones.


  • Superior noise cancellation for undisturbed listening
  • Extensive battery life keeps our tunes playing longer
  • Versatile connectivity with both wired and wireless options


  • Bulkier design may not appeal to everyone
  • Limited color options could be a drawback for some
  • App required for EQ customization, which might not suit all users

After spending some time with the TOZO HT2, we can confidently say they’ve made our daily commute a more serene experience. The noise cancellation is a game-changer; it feels like we’re in our own little bubble, immune to the clamor of the outside world. Whether it’s the dull hum of an airplane or the incessant chatter of an office, these headphones block it out impressively.

Having a battery that lasts almost indefinitely is a load off our minds. No more fretting about the headphones dying mid-journey or during an important work call. Plus, the ability to switch to a wired connection provides a useful backup—just in case.

The sound quality surely put our old headphones to shame. Deep bass, crisp highs, and an overall rich soundscape made us rediscover tracks we thought we knew inside out. And for those who like to tinker with their audio, the TOZO app lets us play around with different EQ settings until everything hits just right.

The TOZO HT2 headphones, while not the most compact, are surprisingly easy to travel with thanks to their foldable design. However, some may find them a bit bulky for all-day wear. The black color scheme exudes a classic vibe, but if you’re someone who likes to express themselves with color, options are limited here.

In conclusion, these TOZO HT2 headphones are a reliable companion for anyone looking to upgrade their listening experience without breaking the bank. Every track is a pleasure, every call is crystal clear, and the noise cancellation lets us focus on what matters – our music, our calls, our peace of mind.

Soundcore Life Q30

We found that the Soundcore Life Q30 is a compelling option for those seeking a rich audio experience and effective noise cancellation without breaking the bank.


  • Impressive noise-cancellation capabilities across varying environments
  • Long-lasting battery life ensures extended playtime
  • Comfortable for prolonged usage due to plush memory foam padding


  • Build quality feels plastic and may not impress those seeking a premium feel
  • The noise cancellation, while competent, might not silence all background noise
  • Sound quality, though generally good, may require tweaking through the app to suit personal taste

Upon first use, the Soundcore Life Q30 quickly demonstrates its strength in maintaining focus, thanks to its hybrid active noise cancellation technology. Switching between the various ANC modes offered a tailored listening experience, effectively blocking out the monotonous hum of a flight or the bustle of a busy café.

Battery life on the Life Q30 is rather noteworthy, lasting through several lengthy sessions before needing a recharge. When the battery did run low, a quick five-minute top-up provided several hours of playtime, which is a true convenience for us on-the-go.

The earcups on these headphones are a standout feature in terms of comfort. Memory foam padding wrapped in ultra-soft protein leather allowed us to enjoy our favorite playlists for hours, without experiencing the discomfort common in other models.

Despite these positives, we noticed that the construction of the headphones feels a bit on the lighter side, with an all-plastic build. While this doesn’t hinder their functionality, those of us who prefer a more luxurious feel might find it lacking.

Additionally, while noise cancellation was overall effective, there were occasions where it didn’t completely isolate us from noisy environments, which is something to consider if utter silence is your top priority.

Sound-wise, the default settings provide a decent listening experience, but playing around with the EQ settings via the app brought out the best in our music, with the flexibility to tweak and enhance the audio according to our specific preferences.

Pointcinco P1 Headphones

We think you’d appreciate the Pointcinco P1 for their comfortable design and impressive battery life, making them a solid choice for both music enthusiasts and busy professionals.


  • Effective noise cancellation
  • Strong, detailed bass and clear treble
  • Exceptionally comfortable for extended wear


  • Ancillary features disabled in wired mode
  • May have a learning curve for some users
  • Only available in one color option

Having spent some time with the Pointcinco P1s, we’ve found their active noise canceling feature to be quite competent. It manages to filter out most of the low-frequency noise, which comes in handy in bustling environments. It’s a big win for focus and immersion. When you switch them on, it feels like the world’s volume knob turns down, and you’re locked in your own blissful bubble.

The sound these headphones produce is noteworthy. The moment a bass-heavy track kicks in, it commands your attention—the lows are deep without muddying the mids and highs. The clarity in treble frequencies is also something to write home about, making every playlist a delightful experience. Whether it’s the subtlety of a podcast or the complexity of your favorite symphony, everything comes through crisp and precise.

Comfort is another area where the Pointcinco P1s shine brightly. The memory foam padding coupled with protein leather ear cups make long listening sessions genuinely pleasurable. Even after a couple of hours of continuous use, there’s no ear fatigue or the need to take a ‘breather.’ The headset’s lightweight design further ensures that it never feels like a burden on your head.

The battery life is an absolute beast—60 hours is enough to last through weeks of commutes or several intercontinental flights. This level of longevity in battery life means you’re seldom in need of a charge. However, when it does run low, a quick recharge brings it back to full power in no time.

While the microphone is engineered for clarity, which it achieves admirably, it’s worth mentioning that the advanced features, like active noise cancellation, are not accessible in wired mode. This won’t be a deal-breaker for most, but it’s something to consider depending on your usage scenarios.

In our use, we also found that while the build feels sturdy and the black color scheme is sleek, some may desire more variety in color options. This is purely down to personal preference but worth noting for the style-conscious.

Overall, the Pointcinco P1 Headphones offer an excellent balance of features and performance. They’re adept at delivering a pleasurable listening experience while keeping external noises at bay, fostering an atmosphere where your audio content can truly stand out.

Bose QuietComfort Headphones

We believe these headphones are a wise choice for anyone who values exceptional sound quality and industry-leading noise cancellation.


  • Superb noise-cancelling ability
  • Extremely comfortable for extended wear
  • Intuitive sound customization options


  • Battery depletes if not manually turned off
  • Pricier than some competitors
  • Limited color options

We’ve recently had the pleasure of using the Bose QuietComfort Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones, and it’s safe to say they live up to their name. Immediately evident was the tranquility they provided, whether we were immersing in music or blocking out ambient noise to concentrate on work.

Their comfort was unparalleled, cradling our ears in soft cushions that didn’t pressure even after hours of use. Adjusting the sound experience was straightforward, thanks to the Adjustable EQ—and whether we preferred a deep bass or crisp highs, our music always felt right.

A minor gripe we found was the need to remember to switch them off manually. Failing to do so could see you reaching for a charger sooner than expected. Although they’re priced at a premium, their performance justifies the investment, yet some may find the limited color range slightly constrictive when expressing personal style.

Buying Guide

When selecting the best over-ear headphones, we consider several crucial features to ensure a satisfying audio experience.

Comfort and Fit

Our foremost consideration is the comfort and fit of the headphones. Look for:

  • Padding: Soft earpads and headband.
  • Weight: Lightweight models reduce strain.
  • Adjustability: Headbands that adjust to our head size.

Sound Quality

We prioritize immersive sound quality:

  • Drivers: Large drivers typically offer better sound.
  • Frequency Response: A wide range indicates greater sound range.
  • Noise Cancellation: Active noise cancellation for undisturbed listening.

Build Quality and Durability

Durability is essential for long-term use:

  • Materials: Premium materials can indicate robust construction.
  • Design: Folding designs can enhance portability and storage.
  • Cable: Detachable cables prevent damage from wire pull.

Battery Life

For wireless headphones, battery life is key:

  • Playtime: We look for models offering extensive battery life.
  • Charging Time: Shorter charge times are more convenient.
  • Battery Indicator: Alerts us to low battery ahead of time.

Additional Features

Extra features can enhance our listening experience:

  • Bluetooth Range: A long range offers more freedom of movement.
  • Controls: Intuitive controls for ease of use.
  • Microphone: A built-in mic for calls.

We weigh these specifications against what we need from our headphones, whether for commuting, working, or enjoying music at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address common queries to help you find the over-ear headphones that best match your needs and preferences.

What are the most comfortable over-ear headphones currently available?

We’ve found that the Bose QuietComfort 35 II stands out for comfort due to their plush ear cushions and lightweight design, making them ideal for prolonged use.

What over-ear headphones offer the best sound quality for audiophiles?

The Sennheiser HD 800 S are renowned among audiophiles for their excellent soundstage and detailed sound reproduction, offering an exceptional listening experience.

How do noise-cancelling over-ear headphones compare in performance and quality?

Brands like Sony and Bose lead the market in noise-cancellation technology. The Sony WH-1000XM4, for example, offers top-notch noise cancellation paired with high-quality sound, giving us an immersive experience in various environments.

Which over-ear headphones provide the best value for money under £100?

For under US$100, the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x provides great sound quality and build, making them a smart choice for those seeking quality on a budget.

Can you recommend durable over-ear headphones suitable for working out?

The JBL Under Armour Sport Wireless Train are built for durability and a secure fit, making them one of our top choices for workout-friendly over-ear headphones.

What are the top over-ear headphones with microphones for clear calls?

We recommend the Bose 700 headphones for their crystal-clear microphone performance in calls, which is a result of their impressive noise-reduction capabilities and microphone system.