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What PayPal has to say about EV SSL

Are EV certificates working? PayPal presented some slides with some interesting facts.

The inside scoop: The Good
EV Certs relatively easy to deploy and maintain
- Early adopters
- Investigation begins -9/06
- PayPal Vetted and certs issued -12/0
- Go Live -1/07
Browser adoption is strong
- IE7 makes up 37% of traffic to PayPal

The inside scoop: The Good
Overwhelmingly positive response
- Users aware of positive id: Green Glow
- Community response is excellent
- Hint to increase in trust
- No hard data yet
Marketing teams love it
- Simple message to users: Green = Go
- Industry wide approach needed on how to implement across browsers (Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc)

The inside scoop: The Challenges
Third Party hosts
- Need to keep user experience consistent
- Took control of domain and EV cert of third parties
- Implemented "refreshed" third party policy
Some limitations
- Phishing filter must be turned on in XP
- Still awaiting implementations from Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc

What PayPal has to say about EV SSL


Originally posted on Tue Jun 5, 2007

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