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Venafi Encryption Director Applauded for Encryption Policy Management by SC Magazine

-“If you need to focus on encryption, this is your best bet.”- Peter Stephenson, Policy Management Group Test, SC Magazine, June 1, 2010

SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Venafi, Inc. (www.venafi.com), the leading provider of automated encryption management solutions—including certificate management and enterprise key lifecycle management—was recently acknowledged for its industry leadership in Policy Management by SC Magazine.

“An all in one tool, Venafi Encryption Director handles a problem that can plague many enterprises and cause many security risks”

The review underscores the unique role Venafi plays in providing centralized management of encryption technologies across the enterprise. In particular, it highlights the company’s ability to provide a platform for policy-based management of encryption certificates and related private keys—a capability not available from any other security or management vendor today.

“An all in one tool, Venafi Encryption Director handles a problem that can plague many enterprises and cause many security risks,” SC Magazine’s review by Peter Stephenson says. The review concludes, “If you need to focus on encryption, this is your best bet.”

While Symantec, with its recent acquisition of PGP, and other security vendors have acknowledged the market, Venafi pioneered the use of IT automation methodologies to manage X.509 certificates and asymmetric keys years ago, and is the leader in SSL certificate management. In fact, Gartner recently named Venafi a Cool Vendor in Data and Infrastructure Protection. Venafi has the only encryption management platform that manages encryption agnostically across the majority of operating environments and encryption types, based on organization-defined policies.

"Encryption is growing, but few have focused on the tremendous growth in certificate-based encryption. Organizations have deployed thousands and tens of thousands of certificates to enable server and device authentication from multiple CAs,” said Trell Rohovit, President and CEO of Venafi. “Our large enterprise customers report between 20 and 50 percent year-over-year growth in the number of certificates that require management. Cloud-based computing is also driving the rapid increase in certificate deployments. Everything that connects to the network requires authentication and authorization, which helps explain the explosion of certificate inventories. This is what's driving our business.”

Unlike a user’s web browser that provides a warning about an expired certificate, enterprise systems don't distinguish where the certificate came from and provide no warning messages when there is a failure. If there is a problem with the certificate or related keys, the systems or applications may cease to function. Business-critical operations come to a halt, which poses enormous risk for organizations.

“Without policy-based management capabilities in place, we believe we will continue to see high-profile outages on mission-critical systems with increasing frequency and cost,” Rohovit continued. “Our holistic approach to SSL certificate and enterprise key management has really begun to catch on, and nowhere is that trend more evident than in customer deployments. Venafi has experienced the largest spike in growth in the company's history, with enterprise customers at leading organizations across a variety of industries, including some of the world's largest financial institutions.”

Venafi Encryption Director is a management platform that simplifies the management of encryption technologies across their diverse operating systems and infrastructure environments. Director performs four key processes: continuous encryption discovery, certificate and key monitoring with built-in alerts, automated Certificate Authority (CA) interactions and application configuration. These help organizations improve operational efficiency, data security and compliance management.

For more information about Gartner's Cool Vendors selection process, and to receive a copy of the report compliments of Venafi, please visit: http://www.venafi.com/Web_Forms/Cool_Request.aspx.

About Venafi

Venafi invented systems management for encryption to help organizations simplify the management of encryption technologies across their diverse operating systems. Venafi products automate SSL certificate management and enterprise key lifecycle management processes, including discovery, monitoring, alerts, lifecycle management and automated application configuration. This helps organizations increase data security, reduce downtime and improve operational efficiency. Venafi solutions are used to manage mission-critical encryption systems at some of the world’s most prestigious organizations in industries, including financial services, insurance, high tech, telecommunications, government, airline, aerospace, healthcare, food services and retail. For more information, visit www.venafi.com.


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Originally posted on Tue Aug 3, 2010
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