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Secure your Wordpress Admin and Login Pages

Want to run your Wordpress admin pages over a secure SSL connection? Admin-SSL from haris.tv has the easy answer.

Since patching the Secure-Admin plugin a few months back, the download count and positive feedback has been fantastic.

I’ve recently adapted it to work with PHP 5.2 and, due to popular request, also expanded the featureset to cater for Shared SSL setups.

In light of the expanding featureset I’ve decided to rename the plugin to Admin-SSL to distinguish it from the original.


- Secures Wordpress Login and Admin Pages
- Supports All SSL Setups (Private and Shared)
- Encrypts cookie contents
- Compatible with all versions of PHP 4 and 5
- Easy to install (1 file uploaded)

There are some small issues on Shared SSL servers but overall it is a great solution to keep your Wordpress site secure.

Admin-SSL: New Wordpress Plugin

Originally posted on Sun Jun 24, 2007


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