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Network Solutions Releases SSL Whitepaper

Web Hosting Industry Review wrote about Network Solution's new Whitepaper on SSL security. The whitepaper, called "SSL Certificates: A Simple Solution to Web Site Security", focuses on business' need to use SSL certificates and important considerations when deciding which product to buy.

The paper is available for download on the Network Solutions site. It requires the filling out of an online form with contact information.

In addition to explaining the purpose and benefits of an SSL certificate, this whitepaper also focuses on different types of SSL certificates, the visual indicators that the new EV certificate uses to identify a secure site, and how to obtain a security certificate from SSL certificate providers. This whitepaper is especially helpful for those just learning how to take their business online securely, says the company.

"An SSL Certificate is an absolute 'must' for any online business dealing with sensitive information," says Jeff Grosman, Network Solutions senior VP of product marketing and management. "Network Solutions wants to ensure that all of our customers and all interested small businesses are as educated as possible on why an SSL Certificate is important for their business, as well as which type of SSL is best for them."

NetSol Releases SSL Report - [Web Hosting Industry Review]

Originally posted on Sun Aug 26, 2007
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