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Is Phishing getting worse? The Ani-Phishing Work Group says "Yes"

The Anti-Phishing Work Group posted their April report which shows that phishing problems continue to increase. There were 55,643 phishing attacks deteced in April alone which is a huge increase from the 35,000 deteced in March.

April 2007 saw a the number of brands being attacked rise 174 and notes that more
non-financial brands attacked including social networking, VOIP, and numerous large web-based email
providers were attacked. Unique phishing reports submitted to APWG in April was 23,656, a drop of over
1,000 from March. Financial Services continue to be the most targeted industry sector at 92.5% and the
APWG notes that several large US banks are among the most-attacked brands. Furthermore, two top banks
have been targeted for at least two months in a row. A large number of European banks were targeted in April with seven of the most-targeted 20 brands in that month belonging to European banks. In addition, one of the top 20 was a Canadian financial institution.

The Anti-Phishing Working Group's April Report


Originally posted on Mon Jun 4, 2007

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