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idAlliance Corporation Releases iManageCerts(TM) Certificate Management Tool

SARASOTA, Fla., Nov. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Unexpected Digital Certificate or Key expirations is one of the leading causes of a halt in production operations, affecting eCommerce, Financial and other mission critical secured operations. idAlliance Corporation today releases iManageCerts to continuously monitor SSL Certificates for Organizations, and provide critical notifications and renewals before end users are affected.

iManageCerts ships today, and is available in Software as a Service (SaaS), and standalone licenses for use behind corporate firewalls. iManageCerts in SaaS form requires no firewall modifications or user id/ passwords to monitor public facing web sites. iManageCerts in standalone license form for in house deployments, goes beyond expiration monitoring and can utilize read only IDs to obtain keystores, keys and certs across an organization without iManageCerts features include:

  • Web enabled, Adobe Flex Front end
  • Web Services and Centralized backend - Runs on J2EE Application Servers, including JBoss, Oracle Weblogic and IBM WebSphere
  • Supports All JDBC Databases
  • Available in Software as a Service (hosted) or standalone licenses.
  • Real time refresh for shared information
  • Supports certificates (pem,crt,etc), Keystores, Private/Public Keys and other SSL Cert/Key containers, formats
  • Auto discovery - capable of finds all certificates, keys and keystores on servers,
  • Monitoring at flexible and constant intervals (every minute, every hour, weekly, etc)
  • SMS / Email Notifications on expired Certificates
  • Does not require an id to read public cert information on a host
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Sorting Capabilities

"An expired SSL certificate or multiple can halt production operations immediately, and often take hours to find and resolve. SSL Certificates are the backbone to secure network operations. The inventory of deployed locations, keystore passwords, and renewal process are often difficult for organizations to maintain, costing organizations customer transactions and hours of uptime when an expired certificate impacts their environment," according to Steve Mansfield who has spent over 20 years providing services in Security and Identity Management.

iManageCerts(TM) is the second release in a family of products from idAlliance designed to address critical needs in the marketplace. iManageCerts(TM) predecessor, iManageWork(TM) provides Centralized visibility to manage work requests and workforce availability / utilization. Information about iManageWork(TM) can be found at

For additional information on iManageCerts(TM) contact Steve Mansfield by visiting iManageCerts(TM) and iManageWork(TM) are registered trademarks of idAlliance Corporation, Oracle Weblogic is a trademark of Oracle Corporation, IBM WebSphere is a trademark of IBM Corporation.

About idAlliance Corporation:

idAlliance Corporation, led by Steve Mansfield, with over 26 years experience providing powerful and secure Enterprise Solutions. idAlliance along with their strategic partners at GravityFree share powerful synergies to deliver commercial products, custom solutions/services/support and effective marketing. idAlliance also is a strategic Business Partner with Sun Microsystems and Oracle Corporation.

About GravityFree:

GravityFree is a full-service digital agency founded in 1997. GravityFree's mission is to help successful businesses thrive online by creating and implementing a well planned digital strategy. It accomplishes its mission by offering web development, interactive design, web marketing and social media expertise for clients ranging from local business to the Fortune 500.

Scott Heaps, founder
Originally posted on Thu Nov 12, 2009