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How Do Security Measures Boost Conversion?

An article discussed how taking security measures on your web site can increase conversion. The measures include using a proper SSL certificate and placing a site seal in the proper location. Specifically, they recommended against using a shared SSL certificate:

If using a shared SSL certificate is a “start-up” necessity, don’t fear—it won’t necessarily prohibit sales if you create a positive customer experience leading up to the checkout process. Customers who are motivated to purchase and who have gained a reasonable level of trust with your website may not be put off by a shared SSL process.

But be aware that the conversion increases you will gain may always fall below those that would exist if you had your own private certificate.

 The placement of a site seal produced interesting results in a study that was conducted:

The test outcomes produced the following results: – The logo in the lower left corner of the navigation bar resulted in an 8.15 percent increase in conversions. – The logo below the footer on the lower right increased conversions only 1.76 percent. – The logo on the upper left between the search box and the navigation bar increased conversions 8.83 percent.

Understanding the implications of this test provide insight into how you might consider testing security logo placement on your website.

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Originally posted on Sun Dec 9, 2007
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