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Entrust Secures Online Indian Music Retailer, Implements EV SSL Certificates

August 8, DALLAS - As the benefits of Extended Validation continue to gain awareness domestically and abroad, Entrust [NASDAQ: ENTU] has now finalized its first deployment of Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates in India, which experienced the highest growth in number of unique Internet users in 2006.

Facilitated through partner IndusFace Consulting, Entrust implemented EV SSL certificates — the first line of defense in a layered security approach — for IndianMusicInfo.com, an Indian-based Web site dedicated to the promotion and distribution of international and local digital music products.

"Our deployment of Extended Validation SSL certificates demonstrates our commitment to security — both for our consumers and business partners — and signifies our dedication to provide a safe, secure online portal for e-commerce," said S. Gokulkrishnan, chief technology officer for IndianMusicInfo.com. "EV SSL certificates will help increase confidence in our online channel and will notify potential customers that conducting secure online transactions with our site is a simple, easy-to-understand process."

This agreement will likely open the doors to a windfall of additional opportunities. According to comScore Networks, a leader in measuring the digital age, the Internet audience in India grew 33 percent in 2006, the most of any country worldwide. The survey found that India accounted for 21.1 million unique Internet users (up from 15.9 million in 2005) ages 15 or older, signifying an explosive growth in technology and economy.

IndianMusicInfo.com identified Entrust's overall support and service, pricing structure, and commitment to safety and security as key factors that set them apart from competitive offerings. This latest agreement stemmed from the organization's successful experience during their use of Entrust's standard SSL certificates.

Entrust EV SSL certificates, one of the first lines of defense in a strategic layered security model, allow end-users to make smarter trust decisions, including the ability to verify the identity of the owner of an EV certificate-protected Web site. Sites that have implemented EV SSL certificates will display a green address bar and information about the company operating the site, as well as the CA that issued the certificate, will be prominently displayed.

"Implementing a layered security model is the safest manner to protect a given infrastructure, and EV SSL certificates represent the first line of defense in that approach," said Entrust Chairman, President and CEO Bill Conner. "This strategy not only protects consumers, but also increases the overall confidence in e-commerce and the online channel. As Entrust's first EV SSL certificate deployment in India, this agreement is an important milestone for the advancement of this vital technology."

In May, Entrust was the first certification authority (CA) to successfully meet the WebTrust operational requirements for EV SSL certificates. Entrust fulfilled the audit requirements established by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, which were based on the EV guidelines produced by the CA/Browser Forum. Months earlier, in January 2007, Entrust became the first SSL vendor to activate EV SSL certificates for Windows XP users who used Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.

Extended Validation refers to rigorous, industry-standard validation methods used by a CA before issuing an EV SSL certificate. An EV SSL certificate is a new category of SSL certificate created by an industry consortium called the CA/Browser Forum. Conceived in response to the growing threats of phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks, EV SSL certificates are issued to Web site operators only after the rigorous new validation process has been performed by an authorized third party.

As a member of the Entrust TrustedPartner program, IndusFace Consulting serves as a certificate integrator and value-added reseller on the project. IndusFace Consulting offers an extensive range of information security, identity and access management services.

Based in Teynampet, Chennai, India, IndiaMusicInfo.com is a digital music store enabling users to download digital music files through an online music vertical. The site works with many of the region's popular record labels, including India's largest music company Saregama, which controls more than 70 percent of the Indian music market.

Entrust Extended Validation SSL Certificates are available for purchase through Entrust's Certificate Services Web site at www.entrust.net.

Entrust Secures Online Indian Music Retailer, Implements EV SSL Certificates - [Entrust]

Originally posted on Sun Aug 26, 2007

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