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AmbironTrustWave Acquires SecureTrust Corporation

AmbironTrustWave has now acquired a certificate authority SecureTrust Corporation.  This allows the company to directly issue Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

"With the growing threats from phishing and other online scams, our SSL product suite is the right mix for organizations seeking to increase consumer confidence in their web presence. Merchants who deploy Extended Validation certificates are providing consumers the highest possible assurance of their online presence," said Robert J. McCullen, Chairman and CEO of AmbironTrustWave. "In addition, the Extended Validation SSL certificate is another tool acquiring banks can offer merchants to reduce exposure to fraud."

AmbironTrustWave SSL certificates all use 256-Bit encryption - the strongest commercially available encryption standard - which exceeds the minimum standard for encryption established within the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard's (PCI DSS) requirement of 128-Bit encryption (Requirement #4). In addition, for organizations using 128 or 40-Bit encryption, AmbironTrustWave's certificates have backward compatibility.

AmbironTrustWave Acquires SecureTrust Corporation

Originally posted on Wed Jun 13, 2007

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